I like to present on a variety of health topics, but I do have my favorites.  Due to the intersecting nature of most health topics, many of the following topics can be combined. 

I am not protective of my time as a speaker.  I’ve done everything from a single campus presentation to four presentations over the course of two days.  If you’re interested in bringing me to your campus I encourage you to communicate directly with me your needs, and how I can serve your organization best.


Substance Use & College Life:

  • One of my favorite topics
  • Harm reduction, non-preachy perspective
  • Can tailor each presentation to target audience (ex: 1st year students, student-athletes, Greek-affiliated students)
  • Don’t present this topic in a vacuum…many intersecting topics such as media literacy, hooking up, safety, and critical thinking
  • I’ve taught upper-division “drugs” classes for years and stay current with trends

Consent & Bystander Intervention:

  • Explore healthy relationships and what enthusiastic consent means
  • Discuss sexual assault mythologies and victim blaming
  • Engage and inspire men to be engaged in the movement to end sexual violence
  • Examine psychological components of bystander intervention
  • Empowerment-based focus and connection for all participants regardless of gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, and previous understanding of the topic.

Healthy Relationships & Media Literacy – What’s the Connection?

  • Exploration of how pop-cultural representations impact our behavior and perception around interpersonal relationships
  • Discussion of different types of relationships with a primary focus on romantic relationships
  • Examination of the social constructs (script) mass media can create in terms of body image, sexualization of youth, and how we communicate
  • Impact of technology on interpersonal connection and relationships

Porn, Sex Education, and the Internet:

  • Not looking at porn as ‘moral or immoral’ rather an investigation of potential impacts on sexual behavior, sexual identity, consent, and real-life connection
  • Examine the social constructs (script) popular internet porn can create
  • Explore data, prevalence, finances of porn
  • Look at who is using it the most and preliminary research about impact
  • Encourage critical thinking about what we are supporting when consuming porn

Overall Wellness 101:

  • An overview of health from a multidimensional perspective and how they overlap (ex: mental health and physical health)
  • Can focus more on specific dimensions of health based on desire of the University
  • Focus on balance & quality of life
Who can I present to?

  • First-year students for orientation programs
  • General student population
  • Student-Athletes
  • Greek-affiliated students
  • RA trainings
  • Classroom visits
  • Trainings with student leaders and/or staff