Vogel gave the best alcohol presentation I have ever been a part of. He was knowledgeable and pushed a message, without preaching or judgment. He truly understands the needs and lifestyle of college students, and this helps him make a real connection. I believe his presentation really made a difference in our Greek community.”

Kyle Brice – IFC President
University of Nevada – Reno

Matt’s presentation was engaging and informative. His knowledge of the topic infused with interactive activities allowed students to apply their newfound skills to relatable scenarios and facilitated significant dialogue. The feedback received regarding his presentation was positive and clearly illustrated the lasting impact that he has made on the students.”

Danielle Luster
Education Coordinator
Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Matt immediately creates a direct, open line of communication with his words, gestures, and ability to put others at ease. His passion for health, health education, and overall wellness is vitally strong in all areas of his life. He does not compartmentalize his life from his teachings or passions within the profession and this is why he is a strong leader—he is soft spoken but heard easily; he his conscientious of others’ feelings, emotions, and behaviors without making others feel uncomfortable; and he cares deeply for the health of communities and populations within those communities.”

Keely Rees, Ph.D. – Associate Professor
Health Promotion and Health Education
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


Matt was engaging because of his genuine personality shining through the presentation. His message was one of moderation and safety, encouraging individuals to be honest and educated about drug and alcohol use. Working with first year students, I feel that a message of moderation and safety is much more effective than anti-drinking messages. Students are turned off by anti-drinking messages, but being educated and informed can help make a difference.”

Shannon Schmutz
Resident Assistant and Public Health Education Major

Central Michigan University

It is hard to come across an educator who not only presents you with all the information on an issue but who also allows you to think it through yourself, developing your own opinion from the facts presented. It is even harder to find an educator who, with but a single encounter, will become your friend. Matt Vogel gives you the time and forum to think, to believe, and to completely be yourself; if he ever made a judgment of someone or something, he leaves it all at home.”

Kristie – Senior student
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

This was a great program! I definitely think it should be offered again.”

University of Wisconsin – Green Bay student


If you ever have the chance to bring Matt Vogel to your campus to speak with your students, staff, or faculty…DO IT! Matt is a gifted presenter and establishes a genuine rapport with his audience that allows his message on harm reduction to be heard. I’ve worked in Student Affairs for 28 years and believe that Matt’s effectiveness in establishing real dialogue with young people on the topics of substance abuse, sexual assault, and male identity is unparalleled!”

Dr. Mick Miyamoto
Vice President and Dean of Student Life
University of Dubuque


Please invite him back again!”

University of Wisconsin – Green Bay student


Matt Vogel understands that college students are adults. He presents unbiased facts in order for students to make their own educated decisions.”

Jackson – Senior student
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


Moving from a city to a small town to go to school has been hard. The attitudes and conventions are very different. Matt has brought a new and open way of thinking to the student body here at OIT and it has been very welcomed and refreshing. His presentation on Sex, Love and Lies was insightful and brought up points that I have never thought about before. It wouldn’t matter what Matt talks about, I would go to any presentation that he gives.”

Lydia Doza
Mechanical Engineering Software
Oregon Institute of Technology


Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation! I could have listened for 8 hours if you would have been able to talk that long! Keep doing what you do!”

Kristi Cook, BSN – CHD School Based Health Centers
La Grande, OR


Mr. Vogel’s visits to our school have quickly become a favorite among students and faculty alike.  His affable nature and extensive knowledge are a potent combination that put his audiences at ease while helping them address some of the most difficult issues facing the world today.  Our community members leave these presentations of challenging topics genuinely smiling and powerfully empowered and informed.”

Jared Magee
The Winchendon School


Matt was able to speak to four different groups on our campus about Substance Use and College Life; he tailored each presentation to fit them best. He was engaging, relatable, and authentic to our student and staff audiences. Matt was also very flexible and reasonable to work with, and we can’t wait to have him speak on other topics as well.”

Kylie Lanman
Wellness Coordinator
Eastern Oregon University


I am studying to be a high school Spanish teacher; I spend a fair amount of time in classrooms across Charlotte and I constantly see just how much so many teenagers struggle with issues like substance abuse especially. I know many of my students, if they had the knowledge,  probably wouldn’t be in the situations that they are in now if they just had more information.”

Caroline H.
Queens University of Charlotte – ’19


When Matt talks to students he is not preaching at them, but inviting them to a conversation, to learn more about a subject whether it is touchy or not. I think that Matt creates a safe zone wherever he goes with his ability to gain respect from the students. Matt does not treat the students as peers per say, but as equals with valid points of view and opinions.”

Kjersti – Senior student
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


Matt has made a tremendous impact on this campus educating students about drugs, alcohol, and other wellness issues, but he is also highly regarded as an advocate who can and will speak out against all the isms that affect underrepresented populations. I’ve seen him speak in front of small and large crowds and he wins over audiences in the matter of minutes because he’s knowledgeable, he’s nonjudgmental, he’s real, and he’s got a powerful message.”

Amanda Goodenough – Communications and Program Coordinator
Research and Resource Center for Campus Climate
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


It was a very refreshing presentation, that took on a lighter approach towards our age group, and it was very appreciated!”

Erica Madau – Pi Beta Phi, Vp Philanthropy
University of Nevada – Reno

Matt Vogel provided two well attended presentations on our campus. Evaluations were overwhelmingly positive and confirmed Matt’s ability to present in a highly interactive, factual, and honest manner. The following comments are just a few of those received on evaluations; ‘Great presentation, wish we had more time’, ‘Excellent message’, ‘More classes should require these types of programs’. As the director of Counseling and Health at UW-Green Bay I would support Matt Vogel as a knowledgeable and effective speaker on a variety of wellness and healthy choices topics such as alcohol and drug abuse.”

Amy Henniges, MSN, RN, CCM
Director, Counseling and Health
University of Wisconsin – Green Bay


Ever since I first saw Matt present at my freshman registration, I made it a point to try to attend any other program or event he was speaking at. It’s just that someone like Matt is rare; he has an engaging and sincere personality that shines through his presentations, making it clear how passionate he is about the topics he covers.”

Mia – Junior student
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


Matt Vogel’s presence and personality creates a safe environment for students to discuss all health issues. His intelligence and excitement about wellness is engaging and any event with him promises to be a once in a lifetime experience you do not want to miss!”

Brian – University graduate (May 2011)
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


Very few people know how to talk to college kids about drugs and alcohol. Matt Vogel was able to do this. He engaged and connected with many people. To us this program wasn’t just another lecture, it was a conversation. He didn’t “look down” to the students, he looked “AT” them. He talked to them as if he was a college student as well going through the same things. Vogel did not tell the students what to think or to be scared, he showed the truth and said you make up your mind! I can’t wait to have this program at my school again!!!”

Maria Mondragon – Sophomore student (Biology Pre-Vet)
University of Dubuque


I ended up eagerly listening to the most honest yet statistically informational speaker on drugs and alcohol that I’ve ever listened to.“


I have had countless alcohol and drug presentations back in high school that just said flat out, Don’t Do It! His message was much more realistic and one I actually wanted to listen to.”

Both statements were sent via email by
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Freshmen following a guest presentation
in their first-year experience class, and forwarded to me by their instructor.


Many of us try to program to these critical issues on campus but it can be hard. Students are not always jacked about listening to “another talk about drugs and alcohol.” Matt showed up on campus early and spent time talking with our students in the cafeteria and on the sidewalks. He created his own force of gravity that pulled students into a conversation and then attendance at the programs. You’ll be moved by his passion for student success and his willingness to serve!”

Rick Merfeld
Director of Residence Life
University of Dubuque


Matt has brought a breath of fresh air to our campus with his programming and passion for living life to the fullest. Matt had the ability to ignite our students into taking charge of making smart choices for themselves during his insightful presentation. Matt Vogel hit home with our students in a personal and introspective way.”

Liza Johnson
Associate Director of Career Services
University of Dubuque


As a student, it’s often difficult to find adults who are willing to have open discussions about using substances. That’s frustrating, especially when anyone around campus can go out on a Friday and Saturday night and see the droves of people going to and coming home from parties, elated and inebriated. Administrators send out emails attempting to shame students, and police give speeches about the illegality and harsh consequences tied with using drugs and alcohol. But nobody seems to be affected at all by this, which threatens to smother any legitimacy in the messages. Matt Vogel does something really special that more people should be doing – acknowledging the obvious, realizing guilting is ineffective and inviting open discussion, hoping people will make safer choices when doing things that seemingly a large part of the college-age population does.”

Ben Harris – Sophomore student

Central Michigan University


Matt Vogel met with my soccer team in August 2010 and his name and the message he shared with our team regarding harm reduction and understanding our behavioral choices are still being discussed today. Matt relates to students from an authentic place, grounded in education and in their experience as people. As a result his impact stands the test of time because he creates an external and internal dialogue for the students that goes on for years to come.”

Sara Burton
Head Women’s Soccer Coach & Health Professions Lecturer
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


A topic that has been covered many times in our youth and throughout young-adulthood has a new meaning. Matt presented the situations in a clean and clear message that was easily absorbed without feeling pressured or judged for our thoughts and opinions. Matt’s calm and collected, yet slightly spunky persona was a great hit in discussing the topic.”

Student & Community member
Eastern Oregon University